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Open Book Testing will no longer be available for Vibration Analyst Certification as of January 1, 2014. Only Closed Book Testing, as required by ASNT and ISO, will be offered at Technical Associates seminars. Balancing seminar testing will remain open book format.

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In response to the concerns of the management of numerous clients that were involved in determining machine condition through use of Vibration Analysis, Technical Associates developed an examination process a number of years ago.

This examination procedure allows an analyst to receive certified recognition for the expertise achieved. The process allows for a progression to higher vibration certification levels as the expertise grows. Vibration Analyst Certification is offered for Entry Level, Analysis I, Analysis II, Analysis III, and Advanced Vibration seminars. These Technical Associates Certification Examinations have been widely accepted throughout the USA, and to date, have been given to analysts from over 35 other countries. These examinations are optional and are given on the morning of the fourth class day. Students must attain a specified minimum grade to achieve certification at each level.

The content of the Technical Associates seminar texts and written vibration analysis certification examinations have been widely acclaimed for many years due to their ability to provide vibration analysts with real-world problem scenarios which closely simulate those faced on a daily basis by the analysts themselves. In fact, students have often commented that taking such examinations has proven to them how much they have learned within the seminars.

Technical Associates Vibration Certification documents for Entry Level, Analysis I, Analysis II, Analysis III, and Advanced Vibration are issued to and remain with the Vibration Analyst. Successful completion of these certification examinations will provide the student with documentation stating the level of the vibration certification and the quality of training received in each seminar as required by ASNT and ISO standards to which Technical Associates adheres in the vibration certification process.

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